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K&H Window Lounger

K&H Window Lounger

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The K&H Window Lounger Cat Perches are the easiest, strongest, most versatile window sleeper on the market. These awesome products are available in single-level and double level for single or multiple cat households. The K&H Window Lounger Cat Perch provide your cats a front-row view of nature, weather, people and more without taking up valuable floor space. Cats love to bask in the warm sun and thrive on having a high vantage point. As a bonus this will assist in keeping messy hair off your furniture! The K&H Window Lounger Cat Perches are like no other on the market. The patented design enables you to quickly fold up your kitty sill WITHOUT removing it from the window, allowing full functionality of your curtains or blinds. This patented feature is included in both versions, the Single Level & Double Level. Why settle for a Kitty Sill that restricts your blinds or curtains when you don’t have to?

  • This single level cat hammock offers your cat(s) fun and comfort while sunbathing and viewing the outdoors
  • Industrial-strength EZ Mount suction cups hold over 50 lbs. and reinforced high-grade sturdy steel frame provide long-lasting durability
  • Super-soft cat window bed with removable cover, easy to machine wash, can be used with K&H self-warming pads (sold separately) for added comfort and warmth
  • Patented foldable cat window perch folds up against your window to allow blinds to close when needed

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