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6" Bully Cheek Stick

6" Bully Cheek Stick

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Bully Cheek Sticks are everything you desire from traditional bully sticks & more: Made with all-natural beef cheek muscle sourced from premium, grass-fed cattle, this exciting new product behaves very similarly to traditional bully sticks in form, function, flavor, and nutritional value. They’re long-lasting, protein-packed, and rich in savory beef flavor. Free of grains, chemicals, hormones & antibiotics. 

• Ideal for medium chewers
• Long-lasting, low-odor & highly digestible
• Packed with protein
• Supports muscle & dental health
• 100% natural & single ingredient
• Made from free-range, grass-fed cattle
• Free of grains, hormones, chemicals & antibiotics


Beef cheek muscle

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